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However, we must warn you that the water is very shallow and not to go too far out or the current becomes too strong and you might end up being in a bit of bother. Nevertheless, this spot is one of our favorites and with the 2.5-mile beach and local california boardsports rent shop you can’t go wrong.

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Simple tips to improve your time paddleboarding. If you can, always go with a friend.. (PFD) for paddleboarding can give you peace of mind and help keep you afloat if you fall in (which you will!).. as they can quickly blow you far out to sea, making for an exhausting paddle back to shore..

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Keep paddling until you get out past the incoming waves or until you see a wave you want to surf. Start out in paddling stance (feet parallel), if the waves are waist-high or larger, and take some hard strokes to gain speed.

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Two guys who had a dream back in 1979 made it come true and we all thank them from the. It must be destiny, well go figure with the last name “Rivers. type of footwear for getting in and out of the river, since it can be rocky and a bit slick.

Learn how tides can affect your trip so that you can plan the optimal start times.. You need to find out when the water will be flowing the fastest (at which time you will want to be paddling with the flow) and when the flow is negligible and won’t have much affect on your paddling efforts no mater which way you go.. and when the flow.