how long does a 5 mile paddleboard take

A 5-mile walk at a 2 mph pace takes 2 1/2 hours so you will burn 630 calories if you weigh 200 lbs. and 475 calories if you’re 150. A 200-lb. person walking five miles at 2 mph five days a week will burn 3,150 calories or just under 1 lb.

You must also have an idea of how many miles an hour you can paddle. For our example let’s say you paddle 2 miles an hour and plan to paddle 10 miles of river in one direction, but you must also paddle back because you have no ride arranged, a 20-mile total (you’ll need a long summer day). Thus, the 20-mile trip will take at least 10 hours.

20 miles is too much canoeing for novice paddlers in one day, especially if it is going to be out and back. 2.5 mph is the best you can expect speed wise without having to hammer it.

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What speed do most recreational kayakers travel at? Update Cancel.. My distance was 151.87 miles, for about a 6.33 mph average. That included my stops, falling out of my kayak 3 times, and all the other stuff that goes with crazy endurance stunts.. 6.5m/21ft slim sit-on-top kayaks designed.

Pace Calculator. Pace Calculator . Choose a Calculation and enter values below. If you ran 2.5 miles and you ran for 20 minutes:. How long will it take me to run a half marathon if my average pace is 10 minutes,

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This article covers the basics of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and includes info on essential gear and basic techniques on the water.. board shorts, and a short- or long-sleeved rash guard for sun protection. For cool conditions where hypothermia is a concern, wear a wetsuit or dry suit.

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But for most people it’s not how long it takes to go 2.5 miles but that you do it paddling/peddling on the water without the noise of an engine.. How long does it take to paddle #1605008. By whatwake – Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:46 pm – Thu Mar 17,

SUP Day is an all-day event that celebrates “The Soo” as an. This four mile paddling/running race will take contestants on a paddle through the chain of.