how to strap 2 paddleboard on car

If you live in a country where it tends to rain then the roof rack is the best option. With the other options you tie the straps inside the car and when it rains the rain can drip in along the straps believe it or not! Take a look at the quick ‘how to’ vid below for an idea of how to strap your surf board to your car.

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2. Put the back eva foam block near the trunk door or antenna; 3. Put the surfboard on top of your car with your fins facing up; 4. Double check if the board only touches the foam pads, and not the vehicle; 5. Throw one strap on the front, and another one in the back; 6. Open all four doors; 7.

Our Paddle Board Reviews Compare The Top SUP Brands & Types Of Boards Including Touring, Surf & More. Get The Best Stand Up Paddle Board For YOU Today!. Is it short enough to strap to the roof of your car? Longer boards might be heavier and difficult to carry from the car to the water source, especially in wind, if you’ve got to hike in.

Sedan/SUV: Transporting a paddle board might seem scary, but it’s really a breeze. The best way to do it with a car or SUV is with a hard-rack setup with cross-bars. This way all you’ll need are tie-down straps to firmly secure the board to your roof. If you don’t have hard racks with cross bars you can always resort to using a soft rack.

Add a twist: Putting a simple twist in the cam straps can help prevent annoying strap vibration while you’re driving. Lock the straps: You can buy locking cam straps that can only be unfastened with a key. These can give you peace of mind when leaving your boat on your car for a quick run into a store or restaurant.

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