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The 2014 supaa rulebook was written with the input of stand up paddle athletes, event organizers and industry personnel to help race organizers put on a successful event and cultivate the positive growth of the sport. SUPAA is not sanctioning events in 2014 but encourages race organizers to adopt the rules as a tool to help organize a successful stand up paddle board event.

paddleboard lessons ft lauderdale The best beaches on Big Island, Hawaii, are pure magic, with coves of white sand, stretches of black sand and even green sand. With such a diverse landscape, it’s no surprise that Hawaii’s Big Island delivers a variety of beaches to explore. Here are the 10 best beaches in Big Island, Hawaii.

This was the first ever paddleboard film made which was directed by his wife Leslie ("Leslie Rules") Windram O’Shaughnessy. A classic tale of the first Cuba to USA adventure, capturing the sport as it was transforming from the underground to the mainstream.

cbc paddleboard package The volume of a paddleboard is the first specification you need to take into consideration when comparing boards. The more volume a board has, the more weight it can support. If you go over the weight limit, the paddleboard will handle poorly in the water and may become unstable.

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U.S. coast guard regulations for Stand Up Paddlers. The sport of SUP boarding has exploded. Thousands of new folks are getting on the water with their boards for the first time. It’s great, it’s fun, but do you know what you need to have and do to be legal on the water?

paddleboard ticket life vest by state Personal flotation devices (life jackets) Life jackets: U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation Devices (PFDs or life jackets) must fit the intended wearer, be readily accessible, and be in good condition. children under 12 years of age must wear a life jacket on a boat less than 26 feet in length that is in motion.

I recall each paddle sport leaving its mark on me some way or another. So I am sure I will toughen up and just rub some dirt on it as I get more experience. 🙂 Hard to hear This one was unexpected, but when I paddle with SUP friends, it is actually a little hard to hear them with me being so close to the splashing water sounds, and them up so high.

From Mike O’Shaunessey: Thanks Mike! See you in June at the East Coast Championships. Can I crash in your Airstream this year?

Leslie Bailey, with her paddle out of the water in front of coach Sarah Demmon, rows with the indy surviveoars dragon boat Racing team at Geist Marina on Sept. 23, 2013.

oahu paddleboard race where should kids sit when paddleboarding Kids and Dogs. The deck area of a SUP is fairly large-big enough to accommodate a child or even a dog in addition to an adult paddler. You probably don’t want to go superlong distances this way, but for short excursions it can be a lot of fun. kayak cockpits are usually more confined and are not big enough for an additional kid or pet.Are you ready for the Maui2Molokai SUP Race by admin Competition. May 5, 2017 The count down to the summer downwind season is almost on and the team behind the scenes of the M2M are working hard to find support in. Read More. About.northern california giant paddleboarding After over eight years in the industry, California Board Co. continues to be a leader in the design and manufacturing high quality affordable stand up paddle, surf and bodyboards. Their team of designers, shapers, riders and staff constantly work on bringing innovation and new technology to this growing industry.

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