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Standup paddleboarding is a popular pasttime in the Florida Keys and one plucky chicken joins in on the fun. One-year-old Loretta, a Rhode Island Red, Pet chicken loves to paddleboard. This.

Don’t ask Loretta the chicken why she crossed the road. She went by paddleboard instead.. Paddleboarding chicken makes waves in Florida. Don’t ask Loretta the chicken why she crossed the road. She went by paddleboard instead. share.

Loretta, a one-year-old rhode island chicken, maintains perfect balance as she joins Karly on her paddleboard. They cruise around the blue waters of the Florida Keys. Karly wasn’t too surprised to learn that Loretta found the paddleboarding very relaxing.

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ISLAMORADORA, Fla. (KXAN/NBC) – Most chickens like to stay in the yard and peck at their food, but one pet from Florida has taken up paddleboarding. Loretta hangs out on the front of her owner.

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Loretta is a chicken who loves paddleboarding around the calm, blue waters of the Florida Keys.

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Don’t ask Loretta the chicken why she crossed the road. She went by paddleboard instead. Loretta’s owner, Karly Venezia, says water sports are quite popular in her home state of Florida. Ms.

A Florida woman discovered an egg-cellent activity to do with her pet chicken – paddleboarding. karly venezia told fox13 she takes her 1-year-old chicken named loretta paddleboarding in.

Loretta displays no fear of the water or paddle movements, in other words, she doesn’t "chicken out" of going for a ride. "Paddleboarding is very calming and I like hanging out with.

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A chicken on a paddleboard. NewmanPR’s video of Keys resident Karly Venezia and her year-old pet chicken Loretta on a paddleboard have gone viral. Free-range chickens are common in Key West, but uncommon on paddleboards.

Meet Loretta the paddle-boarding chicken – who is taken out by her owner – Karly Venezia – on the Florida keys. tim allman reports.