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This video is an honest comparison of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards and hard epoxy boards. Most iSUP videos on YouTube are marketing.

Plastic paddleboards use a lot of plastic to provide rigidity to the already thin profile of the board as compared to a kayak. This makes plastic paddleboards heavier. fiberglass paddleboards usually have foam as their core with fiberglass and epoxy providing the rigidity. This makes fiberglass paddleboards lighter.

catalina classic paddleboard race 2015 chocolate special paddleboard Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world and the latest eco-adventure activity to hit the Philippines. Just head over to Stand Up Paddleboard Sports Center along Loboc River and choose between a 60-minute daytime paddle board tour or a 90-minute evening tour.

Here's our handy quick-read guide to deciding between an inflatable SUP or an epoxy/fiberglass hardboard for your paddle board purchase.

This video is an honest comparison of Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards and hard epoxy boards. Most iSUP videos on YouTube are marketing videos that don’t tell the whole story, so we set out to make this video which we hope is informative and will help you choose the best paddle board for your needs.

Fiberglass SUP vs. Inflatable SUP Performance. One of the major differences between fiberglass SUP boards and inflatable SUP boards is the overall performance. Advancements in inflatable SUP boards have made strides over the years with technology that make inflatable SUPs more rigid and similar to fiberglass boards.

A SUP is an investment regardless of what kind you get.. message me all the time asking this one question: “Should I get an inflatable or a hard SUP?”.. Some companies use a plastic material, epoxy, or wood overlay.

Inflatable paddle board vs hard? It’s important to know the the pros and cons of each before investing in your own board. Luckily, this article breaks it down, and shows you our stand up paddle board inflatable vs rigid board overall winner.

SUP board construction is important! The construction quality affects your board’s longevity, handling, durability and performance. Manufacturing quirks and technical issues associated with traditional surf boards, kayaks and windsurfing boards were sorted out long before stand up paddle boarding became popular.

The designs and shapes of the Inca Series Epoxy Fiberglass SUPs Standup Paddleboards are the sum total of the 100+ years of board design and experience by the Liquid Shredder Team. Inca Series epoxy fiberglass standup paddleboards are traditional "glass surfboard" construction with Liquid Shredder shaping, engineering and quality.

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