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The SUP Roof Rack Cushions are a very affordable way to protect your paddleboards from your roof rack’s hard crossbars. These rack pads are designed to slip over your factory or after market aero style crossbars and provide a soft, cushioned layer.

Pads wrap firmly around crossbars and secure with hook and loop fasteners. features: Foam pads make it easy to safely transport 1 SUP or 1 surfboard on your roof rack crossbars Also great for ladders, lumber, and other similarly sized gear 2 Pads wrap around crossbars. Paddle Board. Roof Mount Carrier. Malone. Crossbar Pads. Aero Bars. Factory.

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How to Secure Your Kayak or Paddleboard to the 4Runner Roof Rack Crossbars, Paddle Board Rack or Kayak Rack Carriers for Toyota 4Runner, With this set-up, you can mount Canoes, Paddle Boards & Kayaks to the factory crossbars using the Dakine Aero Rack Pads on the 5th Gen 4Runner.

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Kayak Racks for Easy Transportation. Consider how many kayaks, stand up paddleboards or surfboards you will be carrying and look for a kayak rack that offers the capacity that you need.. Some adjustable kayak racks allow you to carry two kayaks, but can be modified to carry only one kayak or even an over-sized kayak.

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Car roof top surfboard racks, Sailboard wake and paddle board carrier. SUV or Van. Product Listing Bike Racks Roof Racks Ski / snowboard racks canoe & Kayak Racks Kayak racks canoe racks. any car roof rack with crossbars. The Thule 556BLK Universal roof rack pads offer the least expensive.

Different cars require different base roof rack systems, so the first step is to assess which roof rack options are available for your car and then select the type best suited for what you want it to do for you. Once you figure out which type you would like, assembling the base roof rack system will be straightforward, and you will be off and running, or riding, in no time.

The SeaSucker Paddle Board Rack is an option when you don’t already have a roof rack or even factory installed rails. It uses 6" vacuum mounts, each with a 210 lb pull-strength rating, to quickly attach to your car’s roof.