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Photo captures great white shark lurking next to oblivious paddleboarder.. –A shark was caught on camera swimming very close to an unsuspecting paddleboarder out on his morning paddle,

Nicknamed the "Great White Shark," Norman was the first pro golfer to pass $10 million. horseback riding, hiking, nordic.

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Juvenile Great Whites in Huntington Beach California from a paddleboard on 6/26/2015 Filmed with a GOPRO. There were 5 or 6 Great Whites there that morning.. Great White Shark encounter whilst.

myrtle beach paddleboard &amp catalina classic paddleboard 2017 The country’s proud tradition of waterman culture has produced top standup paddle athletes including the likes of. Recently, Aussies put their surf prowess on display at the rottnest classic 2017,

A 25-year-old paddleboarder is in critical condition in hospital after being attacked by a shark off the coast of Hawaii Saturday morning. The attack happened at around 9.30 a.m. local time at.

Drone Reveals Great White Shark Swimming Feet Away from Clueless Cape Cod Paddle Boarder. DeGroff showed the photos he took of Freeman’s paddle board ride from above, and in the pictures.

paddleboarders surrounded by sharks Inside a shark feeding frenzy! snorkelers got to experience a shark feeding frenzy from the inside when dozens of nurse sharks smelled a meal and headed straight for a boat where fishermen had cleaned.

A jump in shark sightings close to Southern California shores have put lifeguards on higher alert. A great white shark was spotted Wednesday just feet away from a paddle boarder in Long Beach. A.

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A Southern California man went looking for sharks on his paddleboard on Wednesday, but he ended up being the one watched when a 9-foot great white shark came right up to his board. Mike Durand had.

Heart-pounding moment paddle boarders encounter GREAT WHITE SHARKS in waters off California. A school of juvenile great whites have become renowned in the area after being spotted in the waters at.

Plus a great white shark is, well, it’s a great white shark. Most people don’t actively go out of their way to get so close to our friend Mr. Whitey – even I was in the safety of a cage when I went great white shark diving! So I don’t advocate folks paddle out in droves and take shark selfies. And relax, if you’re a surfer in LA.

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