paddleboarders asked to exit water becasue of sharks

Police in California warn paddleboarders to exit the water in a "calm manner" as they are "next to approximately 15 great white sharks."

This is the footage from an Orange County, California police helicopter of officers using a loudspeaker to warn paddleboarders that they’re in the water with approximately 15 large great white sharks and to "exit the water calmly." Me? I would have exited the water with a steaming load in my swim trunks.

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“It doesn’t have to be a shark bite. This training came along because of active shooter situations. is to be familiar with how deep the water is where you are swimming, and, if you don’t know, ask.

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2 paddleboarders are followed closely by the ominous shadows of 5 great white sharks below. Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I have an intense fear of open water.

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A helicopter crew warned a group of paddleboarders to exit the water after spotting more than a dozen sharks swimming nearby. "You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks," the loudspeaker announcement boomed over the water off the coast of Orange County, California.

WATCH: Police in Southern California warn paddleboarders to exit the water in a "calm manner" as they are "next to approximately 15 great white sharks." Related Videos

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Authorities took to the air via helicopter just off the coast of Orange County, California, on Thursday to warn surfers and paddleboarders to "exit the water calmly" because up to 25 great white sharks were seen plying the waters near the shore.

paddleboarder 15 sharks Trevor Ellis was sitting on his bodyboard on the northside of Manhattan Beach pier this week when a six-foot great white shark breached out of the water about 20 yards past the Roundhouse Aquarium..

15 Sharks spotted- ‘Exit the water in a calm manner’ May 12, 2017 MJA Uncategorized 24 OC Register: A video shot from an Orange County Sheriff’s Department helicopter gives an overhead view of great white sharks hanging around near shore in Capistrano Beach as officers warn paddleboarders and swimmers near the surfline.