paddleboarders watch out for manatees

Watch as a group of paddleboarders get flipped off their boards by a group of irritated manatees. Here’s Meteorologist Danielle Banks.

A group of 8 manatees gracefully swim past stand up paddleboarders on the Weeki Wachee River in Florida.. Herd of Manatees Gracefully Swim Under Paddleboarders " Look at that, they don’t even disturb the water. Manatees Paddle Boarding Shallow. For more heart-stopping action, check out.

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This is a short video of a young manatee who stops to say hi to two ladies paddleboarding in Florida, and even puts its fins up on one of the boards for a closer look. Man, I can only imagine if I’d been there — HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, IT’S A POKEMON! Or, God forbid, if this guy had been there. I.

Friendly manatee surprises paddleboarders by jumping on board ‘to say hello’ (video). The sea creature approached Chasteen’s board and casually hung out for about 30 seconds before disappearing back underwater.. Full Schedule of Holiday TV Marathons to Watch on the 4th of July . Popular.

Manatee hangs out with some paddleboarders in Florida and even hitches a ride. Manatees pay a visit to Florida paddleboarders This manatee wanted a closer look at a couple of paddle boarders in.

paddleboard race times wide fishing paddleboard HOW TO COOSE THE BEST fishing sups shape. Since you’ll need more stability than a standard stand up paddle board because of all the movement that happens whenever you fish, you’ll want a stand up paddle board with a wide, long, and stable shape.Having been a jay race champion many times in past years, he thought it would be a perfect marriage to bring the two events together and make the long-course prone paddle stock board (12 feet) race.

Watch: Baby manatee trying to eat plastic is a reminder that our trash is dangerous. For more on manatee conservation and to find out what you can. Two paddleboarders making their way along.

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Manatees may have a boring rep, but "sea cows" actually like to play more than the terrestrial kind. The enormous mammals – they can weigh over 1, 200 pounds! – will twirl, do somersaults and.

The Best Places to Paddleboard (SUP) in Florida. May 18. the outdoors are well-subscribed to by visitors and locals so if peace and quiet is your aim then it’s worth scouting out a few places to see which suits you best.. But for paddleboarders it is the dolphin and manatee sightseeing.