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For the average person, light, recreational paddling can burn up to 225 calories in an hour. However, once you really get stuck in, you can burn 500 calories in an hour.

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Thinking about how many calories does paddleboarding burn, the act of standing alone burns around 186 calories. Just by standing up, your body is completely engaged. Your leg muscle fibers are firing and your core is activated to hold you upright.

Once you have mastered paddleboard balancing, you can begin with basic yoga asanas. Even those become a challenge to do as the board is on water. This way, you burn more calories.

The amount of calories burned during a paddleboard session depends what you make out of your workout. If you go slow and enjoy the scenery you’ll probably burn 250 to 400 calories. If you’re in racing mode and give 100% you’ll burn somewhere around 1000 calories per hour.

You can perhaps lose more calories by paddleboarding because it is a full, total body workout, but it depends on the type of paddleboarding you plan to enjoy. If you are just wanting to go at it casually, you can burn 305-430 calories per hour. This makes it just slightly more effective than a casual walk through the park unless you choose to do more with your paddleboard.

SUP, which stands for stand-up paddle boarding, can burn as many as 1,000 calories in under an hour. Stand up paddle boards offer a fun way to get out on the water, burn some calories, and tone up, all while relaxing your mind, body, and soul.

While hitting the trails, participants can burn up to 530 calories per hour. challenge and a tough core workout that can scorch a few hundred calories per hour (or more, if you’re SUP-ing in choppy.

. CALORIE DEFICIT The short answer to the question of how to lose weight fast is to achieve a consistent calorie deficit.

Jereme van Dal, owner of Aruba’s only fully dedicated stand-up paddleboard business, Stand-Up Paddle Aruba, explains: ‘Paddling provides a full body workout than can burn more than 500 calories an.

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You can burn between 416-540 calories in an hour. Recreational Paddling: The most popular type of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is recreational use. Normally performed as an easy paddle with calm water, light winds at a slow type pace. Even at a slow pace, you can burn between 305-430 calories in an hour of leisure on your NIXY board!

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