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On average, you can burn 713 to 1,125 calories in an hour of high intensity racing. Perfect paddle board exercise for those who are competitive and like to go fast (vroom!) The number of calories you burn can vary greatly depending on stroke intensity, stroke form, wind speed and water conditions.

In doing some more research, I learned that paddle boarding can burn from 700-1000 calories and hour and you can do so much more on them than paddle: pilates, cardio and my favorite. yoga. But did you.

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Tour on your stand up paddle board for an hour, and you will burn in the 500-700 calories. Racing Depending on your position in the field (are you drafting or off the front?) and how hard you are pushing, you could be in the 800-1200 calorie per hour range.

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Calorie burn per minute is then multiplied by the amount of time that the task is performed to find the total calories burned from the activity. Example A person weighs 160 pounds and paddle boards (a task that has a MET value of 6.0) for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Surfing. However, some stand up paddle surfers will hang around inside the break, then slowly head back out and chit chat in the line up before taking their next wave. Wave size, tide, as well as wind play a big role in calories burned, but expect somewhere between 600-900 calories per hour.

One category of paddle boarding is paddle board surfing. Surfers call it some of the best cross training you can do to improve your surfing. Of course the bigger and rougher the waves, the harder you work which translates to more calories burned.

125 – 500 calories This Hawaiian-inspired sport (also known as SUP) is great exercise for your entire body. While your upper body pulls you through the water, your legs and core muscles work hard to.

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The average restaurant meal, for example, averages 1,000 calories or so. That’s certainly more than. to continuing an exercise pattern on vacation-hiking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, just walking.

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