shoes to wear while paddleboarding

What NOT to Wear. Shoes- If you’d wear them to the gym or at the mall, leave them on the sand. Paddleboarding involves your feet muscles, so making adjustments and movements on the board in clunky shoes isn’t ideal. Besides, you’re too cool to wear tennis shoes in the water.

Board shorts and a rash guard. When paddleboarding you will need to keep safe and also wear something that will dry fast. board shorts and rash guard will do the trick. This will keep you safe and they dry very fast once you are out of the water. This means that you will not have to spend a very long time while wet.

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Depending on where and when you’re paddleboarding, you might choose to wear shoes for stand-up paddleboarding or not. However, we could say that in cold weather, you don’t actually have much of a choice. You should really wear board shoes or booties to prevent your feet from freezing.

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Although paddlers often prefer to go barefoot to feel the board better and be more connected to its movements, some opt to wear watersport shoes, surf booties, or aqua socks for increased grip and protection. Such footwear can be extremely useful when you need to step on the ground, where there may be rocks, oyster shells, and other sharp objects.

One item you should never forget to wear when paddle boarding is a.. some opt to wear watersport shoes, surf booties, or aqua socks for.

We've heard from Xero Shoes customers who wear their sandals on their. to get to and from the water (stick 'em in your pocket when you're on the board).