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Appomattox River Company has been in business since 1977. We employ a small staff of specialists in all branches of paddle-sports. From kayak fishing, to whitewater kayaking, to canoeing, to stand-up paddle boarding or SUP, we have someone at each of our 3 locations who can help you find the right paddle craft for your next adventure.

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based REI earlier this year signed a 15-year lease on the space that’s within a stretch of the Chicago River’s North Branch Canal dubbed the “wild mile,” about a quarter mile from its current Goose.

According to ODNR, the money will be used for: trailhead construction at Chauncey and Doanville; reclamation of abandoned.

The Trail Head offers one of the most complete outdoor gear rental inventories in Western Montana. We regularly update and maintain our large stock of canoes, rafts, kayaks, trailers, camping gear and ski/winter equipment.

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40,000-square-foot space will offer paddleboard and kayak rentals; a bike, ski, and snowboard shop; a wider selection of gear; and bike and car parking, REI said. The Lincoln Park store at 1466 N.

2 p.m. Rent an inflatable kayak or stand-up paddleboard at Platte River Outfitters. Ciabatta from City bakery cradles fresh sliced meats and cheeses at two Denver locations; the second, on Clayton.

paddleboard rugby The tasters teach you the basics, whilst the discovery will see you heading off on a little paddle tour to Newbold Comyn Nature Reserve (bringing your own picnic to enjoy waterside) and giving you the chance to try different types of paddle board. Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most inclusive paddle sports there is.

Observe bald eagles, wander a river trailhead and estuary while standup paddleboarding. Start the day on the beautiful blue water of Lake Tahoe while taking in the surrounding mountain vistas. Our SUP guides will share their experience, knowledge and skills to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their adventure to the fullest. Tour Includes:

Trail Description: The hike to Lake Isabelle begins from the long lake trailhead in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. To reach the trailhead from Colorado Highway 7, drive 10 miles south along Highway 72 towards the small town of Ward.

The new location at 1466 N. Halsted Street will be larger by 10,000 square feet and offer paddleboard and kayak rentals, REI said. The store will also have a ski and snowboard shop and a bike shop,