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You have lots of questions about how to choose a stand up paddle board. A SUP retailer who is committed to seeing that you pick the best paddle board(s) for your needs will likely have more questions for you than you have for them. These questions are key to helping you get the best paddle board possible for your needs.

What Size Paddle Board Do I Need For My Weight? Getting the right stand up paddle board for your weight is key to making sure SUP is fun and The range of volumes I should be looking at would be between 220 and 308L. Our personal preference at Paddleboard Direct, for novices, is to aim for.

Following their advice, my paddle length should be 77,3" or 196cm for Surfing and 78,3" or 198cm for whatever means surf/paddle. Kialoa, the other big paddle manufacturer uses also the 8 inches rule of thumb, spreading a little more with 6-8" for surfing and 10-12" for racing.

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HOW TO CHOOSE A STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD. What’s the best standup paddle board (SUP)? The answer is, "it depends." SUPs are designed for specific water types, people, and uses, so answering 3 questions will help narrow down the selection so you can find the best SUP for you!

What length should I choose? paddle length greatly depends on the type of paddling you intend to do. Generally speaking, your paddle should be 10-12 in. taller than you for racing, 8-10 in. taller than you for cruising on flat water, or 6-8 in. taller than you for surfing.

The general convention for determining the correct paddle size is to take the rider’s height and add 9-10 inches. If you’re 5’11" ideally you should get a paddle about 80-81 inches, or 6 feet 8 or 9 inches.

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The general rule of thumb when determining what size stand up paddle board is right is to add 9-10 inches to the height of the paddler. In addition to the height, consider the weight of the paddler, their experience, and where they will paddle.